Frank Young Chang Bryson | Corporate Video Production Miami

Young Chang


Young Chang, born in Jamaica as Franklin Bryson, uses his mother's maiden name, Chang, to honor her Asian heritage. It's a tribute that arises from her storied past emigrating to Jamaica from China.

Young Chang's work runs from glitz and glamour to grim and gritty, with his unique life experiences influencing his creativity in every frame. Young quickly interacted with all walks of life, learning and growing creatively with each encounter.

After graduating from Full Sail with an associate’s degree in film production, Young continued his studies on set, ultimately becoming a 1st assistant director working for some of the top directors on music and commercials. He expanded his knowledge base beyond his schooling. With his meticulous work ethic and attention to detail, Young has been able to deftly explore new ways of bringing visions to life, translating products and artists from conversations to the screen.

As a director, Young has completed various projects in Jamaica, Africa, and the US from short films, commercials, and many celebrated music videos. His fearlessness, fresh perspective, and dedication to the art of storytelling make him an invaluable part of every project and a trusted source for expressing a client’s vision.